Evangelism &
Church Planting

Breakthrough Ministries aim to reach millions of unreached of Pakistan through Gospel campaigns, Evangelistic outreaches, Literature outreach, Mass media and National missionaries.

We are striving to plant Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, socially-responsible churches in every least reached community which does not have a Gospel witness.


Raising up, training and equipping visionary and strategic native pastors, evangelists and Christian leaders through leadership seminars, mission conferences, teaching material, faith-based books and much needed ministry tools.

We are establishing ministry training schools in every key city of Pakistan where native Pastors get trained and serve in the surrounding villages and smaller towns.

We support the pastors with monthly sponsorships and provide them with means of transportation like bicycles to reach the nearby villages.

Bless a native missionary today ..

Bible Distribution

Breakthrough Ministries missionaries have privilege to witness the immense joy accompanied with tears by those who received a Bible for the first time. They hold God's Word close to their hearts and kiss each of the pages they read. Many of these people would otherwise live their lives without ever owning a copy of the Bible.We provide Bible to new believers, native missionaries and to far off communities all over Pakistan. You can place Bible in hands of a new believer for the price of a coffee.

Child Sponsorships

Mariam is one of the several children being sponsored by Pakistan Alpha bible chruch Ministry for her education. Her Parents are not able to afford her education as they earn $5 a day as a daily wage laborer. We are helping hundreds of children with school books, school supplies and other gifts to help them continue their education.

If you sense a gentle tug in your heart, $1 a day can transform a child's life.

Vocational Training

Young Christian girls in Pakistan are very likely to face persecution when they leave their houses for work to support their families financially.
Due to lack of education and skills they have to take minor jobs like housemaids in wealthy influential houses where they are raped and forcefully converted. Resistance can result in acid attacks and sever torture. Many have lost their lives because they stood strong in their faith and didn't deny Jesus.
We are helping hundreds of young girls by training them with skills that enable them to earn a respectful living working for themselves at home.
After completing 6 months of training in sewing school they are gifted a sewing machine so they can start supporting their families from day one.
Many girls are still waiting for us to reach them and there is desperate need for more machines and resources.

Assistance for brick kiln families

Thousands of Christian families work as enslaved laborers in Pakistan. They are treated inhumanly and face persecution on daily basis despite working in detrimental conditions. The whole family has to work as a unit to earn enough money to pay off their existing generations-old debt, and for their own living. Children as young as 5 years old start to work alongside their parents and continue to be trapped in this slavery generations after generations.

Breakthrough Ministries is assisting these families to break this viscous cycle of poverty by providing education for the children, relief packages and paying the debts for the families.